What is the Best Router for 100Mbps Internet in 2023?

Don’t you want a lag-free internet connection at all times?

Getting the best router for 100Mbps internet depends on many factors. The design, speed, and performance all come into play. 

Why 100Mbps?

Because that is considered the most desirable speed for downloading and gaming for a household or office.

With a fast wireless router that can handle a large amount of data, you will never have to see anything buffer again!

Are you interested in getting to know them one by one? Scroll down to read my reviews!

Best Router for 100Mbps Internet

Below, you will see my honest reviews on the seven best router for 100Mbps internet connection in 2021. The review includes features, pros, cons, and specific information about all the routers. Let the search for your only begin!


  • Fully upgraded WiFi for streaming, downloading, and uploading
  • Handles 4x more capacity than regular routers
  • Broader coverage for home and office
  • Access to TP Link’s HomeShield
  • 1 USB 3.0 port included

TP-Link has also been a reliable company that made it their business to make the best WiFi product for over ten years at this point. They have been consistent and innovative with each new model throughout their history, and the Archer AX73 is no different. 


With every new model, TP-Link strived to bring something new and original. In the case of AX73, multiple new features and design upgrades make for an even better experience than before.

First in my design review of the AX73 is the body of the wireless router. TP-Link created this sleek and futuristic construction for attractiveness and functionality.


The coverage of the AX73 is splendid, with a reasonable drop in performance. On average, with total usage of your internet connection, you will be getting around 100Mbps guaranteed. By unlimited usage, I mean you are connecting all your devices and using them entirely.


If you require more speed, the TP Links advanced section allows you to use link aggregation. By using link aggregation, you can combine two ports for more incredible speed. 

Overall the speed delivery and data streaming of the AX73 is way above average considering its price.

Reasons to Buy This

Simply put, you may purchase this router mainly because of how consistent its service is. Also, it’s one of the few routers in the market that can easily cover over 2500 square feet. All the while, the device stays cool despite high performance.  


  • Dual-band
  • Better coverage
  • Faster data transfer
  • Durable and sleek construction
  • Better heat distribution
  • Connects to numerous devices
  • Access to home internet security
  • Faster setup
  • Includes multiple ports


  • Might run into firmware update issues
  • Requires daily reboot to flush the cache
  • Not compatible with all ISPs

2) Google Nest AC2200 Review


  • Mesh WiFi system
  • Systematic auto upgrades
  • Channel optimization
  • Capable of multiple configurations
  • Includes voice control
  • Compatible with the app and most Internet Service Providers (ISP)
  • Modern, sleek appearance

The new Google Nest WiFi router’s minimalistic design and 2200 plus square feet range both come to mind first simply because they pushed it so far.

Few brands have pushed their products to perform as well as Google. That is why the AC2200 has become one of the best router for 100Mbps internet in the market. Most of the places ISP’s provide proper speed but routers don’t have much capacity. But this AC2200 have that capability.


It’s hard to tell it’s a router when it looks like a small, minimalistic speaker. But it’s not! With multiple color variations, you can customize it to match your environment at the workplace, dorm room, or household.


You can set up the device with Google mobile app. Now, how many routers can do that? So, you save time, effort, and manual work with this easy setup process.


However, this product’s ability to make a mesh network is the feature that puts this one on the map. The way it does that is by pairing multiple AC2200 wireless routers or points together all over your house. According to Google, a router and a moment can cover over 3800 square feet, and that’s a lot of coverage.  


On the performance side of things, a glaring misstep of the company giant is that it doesn’t do a WiFi 6. Meaning it can’t go faster than 802.11ac. Regardless, with the option devise prioritization, you can select a single device to get faster speeds on a console, PC, and smart TV.

Reasons to Buy This

With this wireless router, you can easily create a mesh system covering even the most significant space. With its size, you can put it anywhere without it sticking out like a sore thumb. The multiple color option is also a great advantage to look natural in the environment.


• Unique design
• Simple looking and space-saving
• Constant updates
• Full wireless coverage
• Customizable quality router
• Google assistant enabled
• Easy setup
• Multiple color options


• Single ethernet jack
• Speed may drop suddenly
• Setting up is not seamless

3) ASUS RT AX55 Review


  • Supports WiFi 6
  • Handles up to 1800Mbps
  • Lifetime Protection with AiProtection
  • AiMesh Compatible
  • Nitro QAM(1024-QAM) 

The RT AX55 is a fine example of a product that performs well within its price point. Its performance is somewhat noteworthy, while its form is eye-catching.

More on point, ASUS could also make a quality router with an app to set up and monitor the network. This simple app makes using this best router more user-friendly by removing a lot of hassle. 


In the first place, you can set it up anywhere without making it feel out of place. An eye-catching black with red accents makes the router seem like a futuristic fighter plane or alien ship. Besides, the backside of this wireless router consists of one ethernet port, four LAN ports, a power button, and a reset switch. 


This WiFi router can fit not only on MU-MIMO but also with OFDMA. Both of which work well together to enable reliable connection with more devices. With features such as the Nitro QAM, the router can easily cover a two-storied building with a minute drop in speed!

With its extended WiFi coverage teamed up with WiFi 6, QAM-1024, and AiMesh, the router can handle overbearing demands. It can easily support 4K video streaming on one device while allowing another to run online games like PUBG seamlessly.  


Additionally, since it partnered up with Micro Trend’s AiProtection, you can browse, download, and upload without affecting the internet speed.

Reasons to Buy This

As I have mentioned above, the router’s design really caught my eye with its advance looking design. Besides, WiFi 6, QAM-1024, and AiMesh attributes make the router a must-have for all tech enthusiasts. Whether you are in a 2500 square feet office or a duplex home, you’ll find fast internet speeds.


• Broad WiFi coverage
• Edgy design
• Peak speed at all times
• Consistent updates
• Alexa enabled
• Simultaneous device communication
• Use with a mobile app for numerous features
• Realtime tracking


• It gets disconnected multiple times a day
• Firmware is terrible


  • Dual-band WiFi 6
  • Buffer-less speed of 1.8Gbps
  • OFDMA equipped
  • Beamforming, independent FEM
  • Single USB port

This 2020 model from TP-Link is still a great choice even in 2022. With its superior buffer-less speed, this wireless router is great for penetrating through walls.  

The budget router provides high-speed streaming with zero latency or lag when it comes to direct file transfer of its USB 2.0 port. 


Another helpful feature is the comprehensive range coverage through independent FEM and four external antennas. The maximum coverage with full connection, according to my testing, came at 4300 square feet at around 200Mbps. 


The setup of this device is relatively simple because of the tether app available in both IOS and Android. Once you have powered the appliance, just scan the QR code provided, and follow the given instruction. I gave the router to an internet with zero experience to time the setup, and only took 2 minutes!


One of the best features of this budget router is its consistent internet speed. I also like the TWT feature that lets all connected devices receive connections in a timely manner. At the same time QoS service means they all get priority wireless speeds. 

Moreover, the latency or ping was low even with a high rate of data transfer across all rooms. In my testing for ping, I found that AX21 had a decent ping, which rarely went above 20ms, especially during my heavy gaming sessions. 

Reasons to Buy This

While others may think that you can’t get a good 100Mbps internet router on a budget, but I say that’s false. Archer AX21 is the perfect example of a budget 100Mbps internet router! Ease of setting up, low ping, buffer-less high speed wireless performance, and wide coverage makes it a truly amazing router that you need to get.


• Futuristic body
• Wide coverage
• Smooth streaming
• 4x capacity
• AiMesh enabled
• Alexa compatibility
• Priority service
• Latest security


• The VPN uses outdated protocols.
• Password protection to access the router is annoying
• It takes time to recognize the OneMesh devices


  • WiFi 6 attributes
  • Dual-band router frequencies
  • 4x capacity internet speed
  • Targeted Wake Time (TWT) enabled
  • Voice control included

Similar to TP-Link, D-Link is another giant in the internet router industry. Again, their innovation in both design and performance makes them a top-tier competitor. With numerous features and a well-ventilated body, this router is suitable for 200Mbps or more internet speeds.


According to my testing, D Link DIR-X1870 can provide internet access to 20 or more connected devices at a time! Therefore, this is an excellent router for dorm rooms and large offices.


The high-speed router comes with dual-band WiFi that can stream across four channels simultaneously. Also, the design includes a 1200Mbps internet plan for the 5 GHz and a 600Mbps internet plan for the 2.4 GHz. In addition, the backside of the router has 4 Ethernet LAN ports, and 1 Gigabit WAN wired connection port.

Again, the topside of the router comes with deep grooves, which work as a form of ventilation. With WiFi 6 and OFDMA enabled, download speed, online gaming, and upload speed are comfortable. Even at total capacity, but there is no congestion issue.


On the other hand, the Quality of Service (QoS) reduces pressure on the bandwidth to lower much noise in the vicinity. Also, its backward compatibility allows for a more straightforward AiMesh setup.

Last but not least, the Target Wake Time (TWT) sets a time for each IoT device to access a wireless connection. As a result, it lessens power usage, the overlap between users, and contention.

Reasons to Buy This

D-Link can be considered one of the best router brands in the market because of its dual-band ability, WiFi 6 attributes, TWT, and voice control features. Plus, ventilation, multiple device connectivity, extended range coverage, and durable wireless performance are but a few of its numerous features.


• 38% increase in speed
• Max speed of 1.8Gbps
• WiFi Mesh enabled
• OFDMA capability
• Increased efficiency
• Google assistant permitted
• Glossy design


• A great deal of downtime during configuration
• The speed drops after halfway through

6) Speedefy AX1800 Review


  • Dual-band WiFi 6 
  • Broadcom 1.5GHz CPU
  • WPA 3 advanced wireless security
  • One-stop setup with Speedefy WiFi app

By using the simple design and only inserting features of use, Speedefy made the router usable in most areas. Speedefy AX1800 can be set up anywhere from offices to a home network and flawlessly perform all mandatory duties. Actually, in my office, I found it quite helpful for most tasks with the bonus of it costing very little.


I have to say that it won’t be winning any awards personally in terms of physical design. However, similar to most higher-end possibly gaming routers, the angular design gives it a more polished look. At the same time, the inside design of the router is minimalistic, with only the essentials. To the bare minimum, this router is the lightest on my list, both the outside and the inside.

The backside of this 100Mbps internet router has the essential Gigabit WAN wired connection port with four LAN ports. The high-gain antennas aren’t removable, so that might be an issue for some.  


First of all, the coverage of the router can reach 2500 square feet quite easily without issues. There were some areas where the net speed dipped but only by 10-15 percent at most so not that much. The WiFi 6 coupled with OFDMA and MU-MIMO were able to connect 31 devices at a time and faced no problem.

Parental Controls

An excellent feature that would be of interest to parents is the set bandwidth option in parental controls. Most of the other routers on the list just had the basic parental controls options. In the end, this is an excellent tight-budget router choice for most homes or small offices. 

Reasons to Buy This

Being minimalistic doesn’t mean the router has to have reduced service. By keeping the size and weight low, Speedefy is able to make a powerful router. Even in the largest houses I only found the smallest dip in speed. As a tight budget 100Mbps internet router, this is a practical choice!  


• Lightweight
• 1 WAN and 4 LAN ports
• Angular look
• Can set bandwidth limit
• IoT optimization
• Best for those on a tight budget
• Connect up to 40 devices
• Four high gain antennas


• Not too many features on the setup website
• Loses connectivity constantly
• Unsecured internet access pops up


  • Dual Band router speed up to 300Mbps
  • Mu-MIMO
  • One WAN port and Four LAN ports
  • WPA 3 internet encryption
  • Google Association and Alexa enabled

D Link DIR 1260 router is an excellent choice for those looking for a budget router. Overall design and performance of the router are relatively simple but effective, which is what you are looking for in an affordable router.


On the outside, the router has a box look with some sharp corners and a smooth finish. You have the common WAN wired connection port and four LAN ports on the backside, which can handle 1000Mbps.

It seems that most budget routers have fixed antennas, so there is no removing them if they break or get bent. Also, a critical feature that might not be on all budget routers is the voice control capability, and this capability is for both Alexa and Google Assistant.


Firstly, each LAN port can stream data at 1000Mbps, so even 4K videos shouldn’t be an issue. The router’s coverage easily covers the 2500 square feet office room with the dropped speed in a few places.

With the presence of both dual-band (2.4 and 5 GHz) and MU-MIMO, using multiple devices at full speed is possible. Also, it has WPA 3 encryption which is compatible with VPN, so no viruses either.

Reasons to Buy This

By combing basic design with dual-band capabilities, D-Link was able to make a suitable router. While the design is rather basic, all the relevant features are there. Also, the router has top-tier encryption without anything fancy. This router is a fine mix of budget and features that are hard to find in the market.


• Up to 867Mbps at 5 GHz
• High gain antennas for broader coverage
• Priority-based net connection which is supported by any ISP
• Parental control based on profiles
• Smart body design
• Lightweight
• Voice control capability
• Greater capacity


• Body material is not premium
• It can’t automatically assign devices to the network

Can a 100Mbps Router Cover an Entire 2000 Square Feet Home?

To answer your question, Yes 100mbps routers can easily cover 2000 square feet or even more. 

First on the list is the TP-link Ax5400. This is a great router both in the looks and performance department.

The second is the Google Nest WIFI. As a means of testing its upper limits, I paired a point with the router and found out that the range extended to 3800 square feet!

The final product on the list is the ASUS AX1800. Asus Ax1800 can cover around 2000 square feet, double storied offices with only the most negligible drop in speed in spite of getting best services from ISPs.

Best Wireless Routers Settings for Speedy Internet

To keep the router fit and running for the long haul, let’s look at a few tweaks to improve its speed.

  • The routers on the list don’t require frequent booting. However, if you notice your internet slowing down or lagging, it’s time to reboot it. Besides, firmware like Tomato and DD-WRT can set a rebooting schedule for you if you don’t have the time to remember.
  • Install firmware like Tomato, DD-WRT, and OpenWRT to get a boost in the internet speed as well as to keep it up-to-date.
  • Change the name of your network from time to time, and protect it with a strong password to prevent hackers from messing with your internet.
  • A dual-band and tri-band routers can assign some bands to the less busy lane to increase download and upload speed.
  • Use a WiFi Analyzer to find the clearest channels and connect to them.
  • Alter the channel width for higher speed. Check out this tutorial for details.
  • Another amazing way to set your router for a speedy internet system is by getting an extra antenna. It can range between $15 to $100. But it can greatly improve the coverage in dead zones.

To finalize the process, configure with the router’s app or website. It may take a while. But that’s it!

What Kind of Router Do I Need for 100Mbps Internet?

For a 100Mbps internet plan, you need a router with a frequency band of 5 GHz at least. It must have a high coverage of about 2000-3000 square feet. That includes home, dorm room, and office space. Since the router must be able to provide speedy internet to everybody in the vicinity, it should be able to connect to more than 20 devices at a time.

Additionally, because of constant use, the device can heat up easily. For that reason, the best router for 100Mbps internet must come with a good heat distribution system.

Having multiple ports indicate that the router can connect to numerous cables for distribution and tempo. There can be no dead zone or low-speed area in the premise with a mesh WiFi mechanism. One router can handle it all!

Moreover, a WiFi 5 or WiFi 6 system is more powerful, faster, and versatile than other types of connections. Also, dual-band and tri-band routers can help you switch to a less busy band during rush hours for faster connectivity.

Lastly, the TWT feature reduces a lot of hassle and power for the 1000Mbps internet router. So, there you have it- a big list of essentials!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is 100Mbps Good Enough for Online Gaming?

A. Yes, it is perfect. Any speed above 20Mbps is enough for gaming. Other than speed, the latency and ping rate also play a big role in online gaming.

Q. What are the Average Download and Upload Speeds with a 100Mbps Router?

A. The upload and average download speeds of the routers listed here are around 70-85Mbps. Walls and other obstructions may lower the speed, though.

Q. How Do I Setup a Router in Simple Steps?

A. To begin, attach the ethernet cable to the WAN or gigabit ethernet ports. Then, you will see the router LED light up. That means the connection is on.

Final Words

Brand new routers in the market are quite impressive, to be honest. Listed routers can cover a broad range, can connect to multiple devices, provide supreme wireless speeds, includes security features, parental controls, fast streaming, downloading, and uploading, upgrading with firmware, sufficient heat distribution, dual and tri-band abilities, TWT, voice control, and app configuration.

The list is short, but all the 100Mbps routers listed here are the best of the best. Anyhow, don’t let the price hold you back. If it can provide you with excellent functionality, go for it!

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