Why Cable Providers Take Advantage of Customers?

It’s no secret that cable providers take advantage of customers. They charge high prices for cable and internet, providing a terrible customer service experience. This article will explore why cable companies take advantage of customers and what you can do to fight back.

Why Cable Providers Take Advantage of Customers?

One of the biggest problems with cable providers is taking advantage of customers. One example is the over-saturating of bandwidth during peak hours. [1]

For those who are not familiar, bandwidth is how much data you’re able to send and receive through the internet at any given time. It’s expressed in terms of bits per second or bps. The more bandwidth you have, the faster your connection will be.

Many ISPs start “throttling” during peak hours or intentionally slowing down your connection because it has gotten so congested. This means you can’t enjoy regular speeds all day long unless it’s off-peak hours. Additionally, these cable providers offer low caps on how much data you can use before they throttle your connection to slow speeds even further than during peak hours. This scenario creates an unfair scenario for customers who pay for high-speed connections but don’t get them consistently all day long.

What Happened to Data Packages?

Data packages are what allow you to browse the internet. Providers, like telephone companies, were originally given data packages to keep up with the demand for internet usage. However, data packages have not increased in years.
In some countries, data packages are metered or capped at a certain amount of GBs per month. For example, in Canada, Rogers caps their data at 1 TB per month, offering unlimited usage for $30 more.

How to Get a Better Deal on Your Cable Package?

  • Understand what you’re worth
  • Compare internet services
  • Get a free trial for your service
  • Make a decision about what you want

Note: Don’t forget to buy a good modem too.


The internet is an essential part of modern life. But despite the rise of high-speed broadband, most people still pay for slow internet speeds. Cable providers are taking advantage of this, providing low data packages that are difficult to manage.

Thankfully, there are ways to get a better deal. The first step is understanding how your cable provider provides you with low data packages. This will help you find ways to negotiate a better deal with your provider. The second step is finding different providers in your area. If you have access to more than one provider in your area, you can switch providers to get a better data package with more data.

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