Does Ethernet Cable Affect WiFi Speed?

Ethernet doesn’t affect the wifi speed because it has nothing to do with the wireless network disseminated by the router. Slowing down the internet through a wired connection is not a definite possibility. 

In this article, I’m going to explore every twist and turn possible in these two connections. And you shall have a better glimpse of them. Stay tuned till I dig through the end of this tunnel, buddy.

Why do you need an Ethernet cable? 

The utility of ethernet cables comes when a mere wireless connection cannot provide you with sufficient speed. 

As ethernet is a direct and wired connection, it secures maximum speed. Any chance of connection loss or speed drop becomes a myth. 

For uninterrupted internet sessions, the ethernet cable is a tenable solution. Many people are opting for ethernet nowadays. 

Can ethernet cable slow down the Internet? 

It’s a commonly assumed phenomenon that an ethernet connection may slow down the rest of the connected devices to the bandwidth. There’s less possibility of slowing down the speed. But it’s pretty unusual. 

Ethernet is a wired connection that has nothing to do with the wifi or other devices. If the wifi bandwidth is less than average, you may find certain speed lags. It is true in streaming in 4k or high-resolution gaming.  

When several devices are connected, this may also lead to a speed drop. But that has nothing to do with the ethernet connection, right?

Ethernet cables are not responsible for internet speed slowdown. But if your bandwidth is of lower quality, you might face such issues.  These cables draw much of the bandwidth directly. It happens in rare cases. 

Ethernet Cable vs WiFi: Which one is better? 

Ethernet and wifi both are well-known internet connections. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you can evaluate the pros and cons, you can easily judge which one is suitable for you. 

The main difference between Ethernet and wifi is the freedom they give to you. The wifi doesn’t need any cable. So, you are free to roam around as long as your router or modem covers the area.

Ethernet provides a continuous connection through the wire. But you can’t move your device from a particular area. That’s a disadvantage you get with these cables. 

WiFi is less secure than its rival. The wifi is hackable. And it is nearly impossible to hack an ethernet connection. 

The wifi cam connects multiple devices at once. You don’t need any wire for that. Multiple ethernet connections can be a nuisance. They need an extra chunk of wire, something that we can ill afford. 

Ethernet is a more secure, speedy, and convenient cable connection. But is ethernet ideal for streaming or gaming or similar heavy stuff? Let’s find out. 

Ethernet vs WiFi: Which one is better for streaming and gaming? 

We all have faced lagging problems with wifi. The wifi connection is not as stable as the ethernet cable. So, switching from wifi to ethernet can be the optimal choice. You can have both links for a tenable solution. 

For streaming

If you want to stream high-quality movies or games, you might love the one with faster speed and an uninterrupted one.

WiFi streaming is good enough for standard streaming. It’s suitable for connecting several devices. If your Internet Service Provider offers quality bandwidth, wifi speed is enough. 

However, sometimes we notice considerable lagging in wireless networks. In that case, you should reduce the streaming quality for better performance. 

You can just have an ethernet cable connection instead. With this cable, you won’t notice any lagging issues while streaming. But ethernet is not suitable for multiple devices. 

For gaming 

The same applies here in the case of gaming. Unless your ISP gives you a bad connection, you can have peaceful gaming with a wireless connection. 

But it is always advisable to secure your connection with the ethernet cable. 

Will ethernet cable cost you more? 

Ethernet cables are comparatively expensive. Their price depends on the quality of the wires. They’ll cost you a good chunk of money. 

However, once you’ve connected your non-moveable or less-moveable electronics like Desktop, Smart Tv, or Games, it won’t require many technical amendments. 

But, their repair cost is also higher than wifi. Ethernet cable may cost you some money. But the service you’ll get is worth the bucks. 

Does long ethernet cable reduce speed?

A common question that is often asked is whether or not using a longer Ethernet cable will impact the speed of the data transmission. The answer to this question is yes, using a longer Ethernet cable can affect data transmission speed.

The problem with using a longer Ethernet cable is that the signal has more obstacles to overcome. The electrical current has to travel a greater distance, and it also has to pass through more wire insulation. This causes the current to weaken as it travels and can impact the data speed.

A solution to this problem is to insert a network cable amplifier between the sender and receiver. It will amplify the signal so that it is strong enough to travel the distance and will help to keep the data transmission at high speed.

In conclusion, using a longer Ethernet cable can reduce data transmission speed. However, there are ways to get around this issue. Data transmission can be archived at high speed by using a low-resistance line or inserting a network cable amplifier between the sender and receiver.


Why is ethernet faster than wifi? 

Though you connect from the same router, ethernet is always, or in most cases, faster than the wifi. The reason is wifi signals get interrupted sometimes via the objects within. Contrarily, an ethernet cable establishes a direct connection.

Should I turn off wifi while using ethernet? 

There is no need to do such a thing. You can use them both at the same time. However, if you don’t need both of them together, you can turn off the other one for the time being. 

Is Flat ethernet cable any good? 

Usually, flat ethernet cables are less durable and cheap. We all know the proverb: cheap goods are dear in the long run. Flat lines are not suitable for long-term performance. And compared to the round wires, the maintenance cost is also higher for flat ones.

Why is my wifi faster than ethernet?

Ethernet is always a faster option than wifi. But sometimes wifi can be faster as well. In such cases, you need to check the wire condition. Old wires mean a lousy connection. 


You might have already found out whether ethernet cables affect the wifi speed or not. WiFi slows down due to ethernet cable is simply a myth. 

The best option is to use ethernet in non-moveable devices. And you should use a wireless connection for portable devices.

Now it’s all up to you. Choose the best option for you and have a speedy solution. 

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