How long does a router store history? | Explained

It is a most-asked question, how long does a router store history? from our readers, and finally, I have come up with the answer and a complete guide that will probably help you learn WiFi routers in the best way. So are you ready? Let’s go!

How long does a router store history?

However, there is no direct way to look into someone’s search history, even if they provide internet to you. It primarily depends on the vendor and configuration you have set. Thus, the router keeps saving logs for minutes if the router has adequate space.

The home router basically has 128-256 MB RAM. Regardless, if you want to install applications, files, and more content through the internet, you need extra memory, i.e. 512 MB. Now, might you be wondering which memory routers have? Most importantly, what type of data or files router save?

I will answer each query in this article—all you need to do is invest your 3 minutes in reading and knowing the facts.  

What memory do WiFi routers have?

Home routers include four types of memory such as:

  1. RAM: It is the best memory used in home routers to store cache files, routing tables, and more. Also, it is very fast, reliable, and retrieving memory. However, the data is lost if it reboots.
  2. ROM: It is called permanent memory that is mainly used to store bootstrap files and POST. It doesn’t lose its memory even it reboots.
  3. NVRAM: It is called very fast memory, which is capable of storing data when the power is switched on. In a router, NVRAM is used to store information, backup files, and configuration.
  4. Flash Memory: It is like RAM but a special memory that stores electronically erased and reprogramed files. It allows the router to upgrade without having to switch chips.

Do WiFi provider look your browsing history?

Indeed, yes! The WiFi provider can look into your WiFi history without your permission. However, the ability to check history depends on a variety of factors. A couple of factors are given below:

  • Router type
  • SSL/TLS certification
  • VPN connection

Also, you do not need to forget that the WiFi provider can try to look at history with tools like WireShark. Therefore, expert suggests using VPNs all the time to keep yourself safe.

Want to know more? Let’s dive deeper and explore the things!

Do WiFi routers track history?

Yes, routers track history, and it is not common.

However, the old routers were not mended to be used for tracking or spying on individual activities. Therefore, newer routers come with internet tracking features that spy on every activity.

In a nutshell, routers are used to track history. Thus, one needs to be savvy somewhat not to make this happen.

WiFi Browsing History- What can be tracked?

You will be shocked to know things are not limited. There is much more information that can be tracked with the router. For instance, I’m sharing a few queries that are always-on tracking.

  • The time when you log in to your Id’s
  • How much time have you spent on the internet?
  • How long have you been using the internet?
  • From what sources and IP addresses you are using WiFi?
  • How long do you spend time on a particular website?
  • Unencrypted HTTP websites

Do WiFi provider track your phone’s history?

Absolutely yes. If you have a smartphone to navigate the internet, your WiFi provider tracks your regular activities and checks the browsing data. Despite the history, the owner can spy on everything that you are working on.

  • Sources and websites you follow
  • Application you used
  • Read unencrypted data

In a nutshell, the WiFi owner tracks everything you do, whether it is small or big. Also, the owner has invested some tools that activate automatically when you login into the WiFi. Even though, the following information is also trackable.

  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Voice messages
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Links
  • Browsing the history of any app

So, after knowing this, you might be worried about your privacy. However, using the internet seems unsafe. That’s why hacking and cybercrime have increased as compared to past years. Moreover, things can be worse if anyone hacks your personal information, including account details, credentials, and more.

The saddest truth about the internet is it is unsafe with the massive technology. But do not worry. VPN can keep you safe and make you confident about your security and your data.

Can I see what websites have been visited on my WiFi?

Definitely! You can track real-time activity. You can see what websites you have been visited, how long you have stayed there, and how many searches (type of searches) you have made.

In addition, the router has an in-built tracking feature that is basically designed to spy on users’ interests and activities and prepare full-fledged data and sell to third parties for making their marketing easier. The companies like Netgear developed such WIFI Routers.

Apart from it, if the WiFi Provider is tech Savvy, he/she can use tools to track your browsing history. Thus, it is a must to clear your history or be safe.

How to check browsing history on my WiFi?

If you want to check to browse history on WiFi, then ensure your router has a logging feature and is enabled. This work is usually in log files, and all the IP addresses must be connected with your router, and it is also where internet history is kept.

To check the history, you must target the IP address and look at the URLs or domains you have visited through that IP address.

How to hide browsing history from WiFi Router?

For keeping ourselves safe, many of us clear cache and cookies and often clear browsing data. But that’s not enough if you want to keep yourself safe.

As you know, WiFi owners have installed the right tools so they can keep on track. Also, if you are trying to be smart, they might retrieve your data and get all that they need.

Thus, one of the safest options is to hide and delete browsing history. The easiest way to hide the data is to stay out of WiFi networks.

Now the question is- if you stay out of WiFi, then how you would access the internet?  

Well, I’m not suggesting you a physical way. You can do this simply by using VPN.

Yes! Virtual Private Network. It would help you save your browsing history as it would change your IP address and data encryption.

How to delete router history?

Besides hiding the browsing history, it is a must to delete router history. Here’s how you can do this.

  1. Launch the internet browser on your phone/pc.
  2. Then enter your Router’s Id in the search bar. Most router ids are like, or you can try
  3. In case these IDs won’t work, so restart your Asus router after disconnecting your internet.
  4. Once the address is found, enter the Email address and password you have used for the first time.
  5. Then tap on the login button.
  6. Next, you will see the status option. In case not, then look for a status option. It might be under advanced or another similar option.
  7. Now tap on the system log or administration event log on the search bar. This will open the router’s system log on a new page.
  8. Click on the clear log button, and you will be cleared with your router’s history.
  9. If the pop-up appears, tap on the yes or ok button.

Some additional facts that might you be interested in

Q. Does a router contain Personal information?

A. No, the router does not contain any personal information. However, it stores your frequent actions such as your search history, images, call, messages, and photos over the internet. 

Q. How to check WiFi History on Android? 

A. Unfortunately, it is not possible to browse WiFi history through Android. However, the Android system can keep a record of the data that you use with WiFi. To check this, these are steps to be performed.
Open phone settings >> Data usage >> WiFi. 

Q. Does WiFi History delete every month?

A. The router keeps the history only of what you have done with WiFi. The website you have checked into, settings you have changed over the internet, images you have downloaded, cookies, and more. Most routers like Motorola router keep one year or 32 months of history, after which the previous history gets deleted automatically.

Q. Does unplug or rebooting WiFi delete router history?

A. Yes, it can. Once the router is disconnected from your phone or pc, data delete automatically. 

Wrapping things up

That’s all! Hopefully, I have complied all things associated with your query- How long a router stores history. In quick summary, the WiFi router saves your history, whether it is on any device. One can easily delete the history to keep things safe in your favor. 

Let me clear one thing it is like your browsing history that you can clear anytime you need. The perspective is to stay safe and use VPNs to save from cyberattacks. Stay protected!

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