How Long Does WiFi Installation Take?

Installing WiFi with a proper process is important to ensure getting high-speed internet. If you want to set up your router with a cable, then it is easy for you. There are two processes you can apply, such as hiring a technician or following the below process.

How long does Wifi installation take? 

Generally, installing wifi with cable, you may need to spend two to four hours. On the other hand, it also depends on the number of desks. When you have the extra desk and need to set up them separately, then you may also need some extra time.

Are you still confused about setting up your wifi and looking for one of the best setup processes? Then this article may help you a lot to hassle-free install the wifi. So, let’s get started with the article right now.

WiFi Installation Process – 10 steps

Installing wifi is an easy task, but installing wifi with a proper process may not be easy for a new person. To keep in mind, I am going to share with you a simple process that is perfect for all. So, let’s check out the below 10 steps and install your Wifi.

1: Get the Best Router

It is important to choose the right router to get a better experience. It would help if you thought about security, easy functions, long-distance connectivity, and some other factors. Don’t forget to choose your own Mbps router, like a 50 Mbps router.

2: Connect the Router to Modem

What next? The port of the router comes with leveled WAN/WLAN/Internet is to be connected with an Ethernet cable. You will get this cable from your Internet service provider; you can also buy the cable separately.

3: Connect Your Computer with Ethernet Cable

In this section, you need to connect the LAN port with an Ethernet cable. It helps you to configure the router easily and also makes it secure.

4: Install Your Router’s Software

If you install Router’s software on your computer, you should enter a name for home wifi, a type of different security, and a complex password. So, I would love to suggest you install your Router’s software to get better performance. Like-Nighthawk App.

5: Open Configuration Page

When the router doesn’t connect with the software, that means users need to open the configuration page. The web address you will find on the router box which you need to open. You need to open the page with a username and password, which you will get in the manual.

6: Enter Your Internet Connection Information

In the next step, you need to connect the DNS and IP address information that you get from your internet provider. Note, you just need to fill up your own information.

7: Secure the Router

Here, you need to set up a home network so that you can secure your router. A perfect setup process may help you a lot to protect your internet from cyberattacks from hackers. It would help if you changed the password and user name, which must be strong. On the other hand, you can also update the router firmware and enable the router firewall.

8: Set the Wireless Setting

Set the wifi name, which may be hard to understand because of protecting the wifi from outside the people. For strong security, I recommend you to use the latest security encryption.

9: Place the Router in the Right Place

After completing all of the processes, you need to place your router in a place where the router easily shares the frequency easily, and you will get high speed.

10: Connect a Device

Finally, you need to connect all of the devices which work with wifi. It is also connected to the home network. When the SSID shows up, users need to enter the password to be enabled by the WPA2 encryption. Now, enjoy the secure wifi service.

How Long Does Cox Take to Install Internet?

If you have your cox id and password, it is easy for you to install the internet and take very little time. However, you need to sign in on the cox and set up the full steps. However, you may need to spend 10 to 30 minutes to install the internet easily.

But, the time is not actually exact for installing the cox internet. So, you should keep in mind that the installation process may take less or high time to install. If you want to install cox internet, then you can check out the following steps.

  1. First of all, you need to download the cox app from their official website.
  2. Collected each of the tools such as cable, power cord, Ethernet cable, and some other tools.
  3. After installing the cox app, you need to use your username and password for hassle-free sign-in.
  4. At the top home table, you need to click Start Easy Connect. Then you need to do all of the things which the app tells you. Don’t worry about all of the information you will discover from the manual.
  5. If you are still confused about connecting to cox internet, you will hire an expert or contact cox to get the best solution.

Final Words

How long does wifi installation take is a common question for a beginner, who recently wants to install the wifi most securely and easily. According to my experience, it is not a complex task to do. You just need to complete a simple process which I told you about in the above sections.

I hope that you have already installed your wifi in your home or office to follow the above process. If you think that the information is not enough for you or want more suggestions, you will let me know to fill up the below comment box.

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