How to Catch WiFi Signal From Long Distance in 2023?

Tried to catch your Wi-Fi signal from a distance but still disconnected? Do you always stay connected with your Wi-Fi and want to get a Wi-Fi signal from a long distance without any signal damage? Then, you need to take proper steps to solve the problem. What is the problem? And how to catch a Wi-Fi signal from a long distance? Let me discuss this in detail.

In this article, I am going to share with you some simple steps to catch the Wi-Fi signal from a long distance using the app, mobile, laptop, or desktop. So, I think you may enjoy it a lot and after following those steps you can easily solve your problem without searching for the solution here and there. Stay Tuned.

How to Catch WiFi Signal from Long Distance? – 5 Easy Steps

When you don’t have a long-distance wireless antenna, it would be tricky enough for you to catch the Wi-Fi signal from long distance. If you want to get the best network continuously from long-distance, you need to build up the right network.

Don’t from this section; you will get cost-free and the best ideas to build your own network. Using the following steps, you can use your Wi-Fi lines nearly miles up. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Need Some Important Tools

  • USB extension cord
  • A small tin can
  • A USB wireless adapter
  • A satellite dish and screw for wall mounting
  • Need two scraps 2 x 4s
  • An unwanted CD
  • Glass pod lid and parabola
  • Hot Glue

Step 2: Let’s Started with the Rear Reflector

Now, you have all of the tools, whatever I say in step 1. However, take your parabola lid and remove the handle gently. You need to do it so that the screw is left behind. On the other hand, place the CD which is facing up on the glass lid.

After completing this task, you should place the CD in the oven. Note, that the oven should not be preheated at 3600 degrees for an hour.

Step 3: Now, Work with Front Reflector

If you want to work with a front reflector, you should take your can and measure it halfway, and mark it vertically. Now, cut down the can where you mark. To cross the USB cord, you need to make a hole to cross the USB head and cord easily. Note, make a hole on top of the rib.

Well, it is time to attach the satellite dish to the tin, and the drill should bottom of the can. Check out your CD that is cool enough. Used hot glue with CD; it should be attached properly.

Step 4: You May Need to Use a Support Ring

You have to scrap 2 x 4s, which you need to mark properly for creating four holes. You should make the holes so that the screw easily passes away. Note, make sure that the plates are long enough to avoid tipping.

Step 5: Final Step

Now, you have a complete network to catch the distance network. However, you need to attach the adapter and keep it around the whole CD. After that, turn on the adapter, and that’s it. If you are confused about completing the above steps, then you may let me know in the following comment box.

How to catch WiFi Signal Using Repeater?

Besides the above-given steps, why don’t you look for a WiFi repeater? Well, you heard right! WiFi boosters or extenders or repeaters are the best alternatives nowadays to catch the WiFi signal from long distances hassle-free. 

The repeater is a wireless system that you can install in your home or office to enhance the speed of WiFi networks. The repeater catches powerful signals and then transfers them into another wireless router, boosting signal quality. 

Now, what’s the best? 

TP-Link AC750 WiFi Repeater is one of the best wireless repeaters tested in the market, and clients are also satisfied with its quality. The biggest advantage of using TP-Link AC750, it provides compatibility with every device and allows the 3Gmodems to provide high speed like 4G.

Despite that, let us see how to set up TP-Link AC750 for high-speed internet. 

Step 1- Identify your Router

Before connecting to TP-Link, it is a must to identify your primary router and find details such as IP address, type of encryption, WiFi SSID, and password. 

  • Sign in to your router. It can be achieved by using an IP address in the browser. In case if you do not know your IP address, check it. Right-click the widow >> open properties >> find the IP address. 
  • Next, access the wireless part of the router’s GUI and write details like SSID, password, IP address, and encryption. 
  • Stay logged in and move to step 2

For setting up, you will need to connect the TP-Link to your computer with an Ethernet cable. Here’s how it works.

  • Plug your TP-Link into a wall (where you want to place it)
  • Next, connect your computer to a WiFi repeater with an Ethernet cable.
  • Now launch the browser and open the TP-Link webpage
  • Tap on the quick setup option and next region, then next. 
  • TP-Link will scan the wireless networks, depending on the network’s quantity.
  • Next, opt for network and tap on next
  • Create your password, then next
  • Review the networks and then tap on the finish button 
  • Plug your TP-Link repeater into the power and keep it close to your wireless router.
  • Now, tap on the WPS button on the back of the router, and you will see it start blinking.
  • Next, tap on the WPS button on the TP-Link, and you will see the light come up. 

That’s all! However, while doing this, ensure you have performed all the steps carefully to avoid any issues. 

How to Catch WiFi Signal from Long Distance App?

If possible, you should choose a 50Mbps router or more to catch the Wi-Fi signal from a long distance. But, when you don’t afford a router but still want to catch the Wi-Fi signal from a long distance, you should consider the best app that provides you with the best Wi-Fi signals from a long distance.

You can choose WiFi Analyzer to get the best Wi-Fi signal. However, none of the apps are perfect for catching the Wi-Fi single from a long distance. But, I think it is better than other apps.

How to Catch WiFi Signal from Long Distance Android?

Are you an android user and want to get the perfect Wi-Fi signal from a long distance? Then you can check out the following checklist to get the right signals. Each of the things is scientifically proven. I hope that you can improve the Wi-Fi signal from long-distance on your android phone.

  • Check out your router distance
  • Check out whether your phone’s Wi-Fi signal is blocked or not
  • Set up the router in a perfect position
  • Switch the Wi-Fi frequency band
  • Update your phone version
  • Try to avoid poor connection

How to Catch WiFi Signal from Long Distance on Mobile?

If you are an Android user or an IOS user, this section may be important. Though this section is similar to the above section, you will still get some different sections. However, let’s check out the following things to increase the Wi-Fi signal long-distance.

  1. Check out your router frequency and setup area
  2. Try to buy a router for penetrating concrete walls to get the best performance.
  3. Update your phone with the latest version
  4. Always try to avoid poor connection

How to Catch Wi-Fi Signal from Long Distance in Laptop?

When you have a laptop and are always getting bad signals from long-distance, it is time to check out the network section to get the best signals. You should check out the following network things.

  • Move your laptop closer to the router
  • Update your laptop drivers with the router
  • Configure the router and laptop in a proper way
  • You should try to check out the different channel

 Frequently Ask Questions

Q: How do I pick up Wi-Fi from a long distance?

A: You will pick up Wi-Fi from long-distance using an antenna to pick up Wi-Fi properly. You can also follow the above steps to reduce the distance network.

Q: Can I receive a Wi-Fi signal long distance?

A: Of course, you will receive a Wi-Fi signal from a long distance. You just need to follow the above processes to get the best advantages.

Final Words

It is important for us to keep in touch with the best network. But, when our router maintains long-distance, it is bad enough for us because of poor signal. I hope that you may get your question “How to catch WiFi signal from a long distance” answer. So, check out the above process and get the best signals from long-distance.

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