How to Find Your Wifi Password When You Forgot It?

It’s pretty frequent not to be able to recall your wifi password, but how to find your wifi password when you forgot it?

You can easily recover your wifi password by resetting your router, going for android scanning, or simply using your laptop to reset the whole settings. However, in all these cases, you need to be efficient with technology to carry out the process effectively.

So, here in this blog, my technical experts will let you know the most effective ways by which you can find your wifi password.

How to Find Your Wifi Password When You Forgot it?

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Here in this section, you’ll have an in-depth explanation of how you can easily recall your wifi password without needing too much technical knowledge.

Android Scanning

Suppose you want to connect an existing wifi password on your android phone; you can find another android device that is already connected to the wifi. Next, you have to go to the other device’s settings option and tap on the wifi option.

After clicking on the option, you will find a QR code (as every device has an IP address, and every signal has a QR code). You can now go to the wifi settings through the same procedure.

Put the other phone under your device, and scan the QR code. You can now easily connect your device with wifi. Although you may not get the password, you can find the code and use it to connect to your wifi.

Find it on the Router

Some advanced routers can show the password on the passphrase, but this method is valid only when you don’t change the phrase from the given default one.

If you haven’t changed the default user name or password, you can sign in to the router’s IP information.

However, you have to connect your PC through earthnut so that you can sign in through your router to get the necessary information.

Turn on Your Laptop

If you have connected your wifi to your laptop, it can be helpful during an emergency situation like when you can’t recall the password. You have to click on the Web icon on the bottom right to get the wifi option. Once you enter the wifi connection’s name, you can easily command the laptop to show the password.

How to Reset Your Router When You Forgot the Password?

Suppose you have forgotten your old wifi password but couldn’t even recall it. In that case you have to factory reset the router to get the wifi signal back.

For this, you don’t have to connect your router to any other device for the reset option as it already has the feature. However, once you factory reset the router, your custom settings will move immediately.

Next, when you’ve cleared all your settings, the password will also be gone, and you have to set things again. You can now set a new password and connect all of your devices to that wifi.

Ways to Remember the Wifi Password

It may be challenging to remember so many alphabets, numbers, and symbols in your password, which is one reason people tend to forget their wifi passwords quite often.

Moreover, some even don’t know how to change unifi passwords. So, to keep you out of these issues, here are some of the ways you can easily remember your wifi passwords:

  1.  You can write down the wifi Password on a notebook page if you want a hard copy, but keeping a hard copy is risky. It would be more appropriate to write it in Notepad and save it.

  2. It will be a good option if you choose the same password for your laptop and router. Doing that will help a lot, reducing the chances of forgetting the password.

  3. Another technique to remember the wifi password is to set something memorable; that can be a date, a name, or an abbreviation of anything favorite. Thus, you can keep your wifi secured and won’t forget the password too easily.

Bottom Line

So, after going through this blog post, you’ll now know how to find your wifi password when you forgot it. However, do make sure that after you retrieve your password, you note it down somewhere safe and secured so that you don’t forget it again.

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