How to Hide Router and Modem without Blocking Signal?

When decorating around the house, you can leave it to routers and modems to kill the aesthetics. They completely throw off the theme of the decor and become an eyesore. Nevertheless, they are undoubtedly essential to our lives, so you can’t get rid of them even if you want to.

But you can hide them.

Knowing how to hide router and modem without blocking signal takes skill and a lot of creativity. You can’t just chuck it in a box and call it a day. There are a plethora of unique ideas you can try out to hide these blocks of hardware — so let’s take a look through all the ways you can cover up routers and modems to neaten your home’s look.

How to Hide Router and Modem without Blocking Signal: Every Tips & Tricks

The first thought that may come to your mind about hiding household devices is by placing them behind furniture or inside cabinets. While this may keep your modem or router out of sight, there’s a high possibility that its signal will be cut off.

In the following, I’ve compiled different ways you can hide these electronics without hindering their internet connectivity. Here are all my tricks on how to hide router and modem without blocking signal –

1. Get a Wifi Router Box/Cable Organizer Box

A wifi router box/cable box is a storage box made specifically for routers, modems, or their cables. It can be mounted on the wall or kept on top of tables and shelves. These boxes come in various designs, whether it be plastic or wooden.

Wifi router boxes aren’t that common in households, but they are the best for hiding electronics in the most convenient way.

cable box for modem and router

With a wifi router or cable box, you’re eliminating the chances of blocking the wifi signal, saving space, tidying up the clutter of cables, and keeping the device itself completely hidden. The cables can be easily packed into the box, without getting tangled.

My other tricks do not work as well as this one, so it sits at the top of my list.

2. Mount a Shelf

A simple way of keeping your router/modem out of sight is by mounting a high shelf to position the device on. With the shelf being so high up, you don’t have to worry about it coming into your line of vision.

Plus, the router or modem isn’t completely covered by the shelf, so there’s no chance of the device overheating or blocking internet connectivity.

hide router and modem on wall-by-wall mount shelf

This method requires some DIY skill, as you’ll have to chop lumber and drill in a few bolts. Moreover, you’ll also have to use a high-reaching ladder to position the shelf in a corner of the ceiling. If you do attempt this, I recommend working with a partner.

3. Hide It Among Other Household Items (console table, photo frames, countertop woven basket, etc.)

If you want to get creative with the things around your home, this method is for you. You can use anything from a console table to a photo frame to hide a modem and router. Look around your living room, you’ll definitely notice a few ways to keep your device hidden.

For console tables, you can either strategically organize knick knacks to cover your device or place it beside your other modems to make them look tidy and in place. Photo frames and faux flowers are not only a great decorative touch, but they also block the view of electronics perfectly.

On countertops with runners, you can place the router below one edge of the runner. If you also want to hide the antennas, you can simply flip the router over and use some masking tape to secure it in place. Then, drape the runner over it.

4. Try the Empty Book Trick

To keep your router hidden in plain sight, this is the perfect hack. First, you’ll need a hardcover book that you’re okay with throwing away. You will need to tap into your creative side for this one, so get all your DIY supplies ready.

Measure the thickness of your modem/router and mark it on the edge of the pages of your book. Remove all the pages from the middle, leaving enough space for your device to slip into.

Now, put your router inside, with the antennas sticking out of the left edge of the book. Place it on your bookshelf, and it will blend in right away with the other books.

To hide the antennas as well, you can use the spines of about 5-6 books and glue them together to make it look like a row of books. Then, position your device right behind it.

If you don’t feel like ripping apart a book, you can use a binder instead. However, you’ll need to cut, glue, and move pieces around to make this hack work. For more details on how to do this, refer to this video tutorial.

5. Put It in a Box

Another great idea is to store your device in a box or woven basket. Unlike many of the storage tips going around Pinterest and other platforms, I recommend using a box that’s made of thin material, such as cardboard for craft paper. 

This is because other materials that are thicker can cause restrictions to the ventilation of the router, which makes it heat up and risk causing a fire. Thin materials are easier to cut holes into, making ventilation easy. You can cut these holes behind the box or below the lid to feed the cords through.

A woven basket is also a good way to hide modems while also sprucing up the decor of the house. You can easily feed the router cords and cables through the gaps of the basket and keep the device inside. This basket can be placed anywhere around the house, such as beside the TV or on the kitchen countertop.

6. Use a Storage Cabinet

Even though we steer clear of storing electronics in cabinets because of the potential risk of trapping heat and causing a fire, wicker cane cabinets are a great alternative.

These trendy cabinets aren’t only a stylish touch to your living room, but they also hide your wifi router and modem in a very discreet fashion. Like woven baskets, most wicker cane cabinets have gaps at the back which can be pushed apart to feed through wires and cords.

Because of these small gaps, there’s a constant circulation of air which allows ventilation of the device to prevent it from overheating. All parts of the device, including its antennas, wires, and light, are covered.

The best part is that you can decorate your home freely by putting the cabinet wherever you like, whether it be your living room or foyer.

7. Mount It Under a Table

Putting one of my best tips for last, this is a great solution for hiding routers with minimal effort.

Just take your modem and flip it upside down, then mount it under any table around your living room or the rest of your home. It can be any table that’s opaque from top view, for example, a coffee table or even the bottom shelf of a bookshelf.

Nothing is blocking the wifi signal, the device receives adequate ventilation, and all parts of the router (including its lights) are hidden. From all the hacks I’ve gone through, this is the most functional and simple one yet. You just need to make sure the device is mounted properly.

So, what will be Best way to hide Router and Modem in living room?

For most people, the solutions for hiding router and modem in living room would be –

1. Hide it in TV Cabinet

2. Top of a Book Shelf

3. Put it in a Woven Basket

4. Hide it Behind TV

How to hide Modem and Router on the floor?

For most people, the solutions for hiding Modem and Rodem on the floor would be –

Using a woven basket on the floor

Using a cable box organizer on the floor

Tips on Hiding Cables and Lights

I’ve gone through all my ideas about hiding routers and modems, now it’s time to talk about covering up the pesky wires and blinking lights. These are arguably more distracting than the router itself, so these are some ways to hide them –

Light Blocking Stickers

The lights on a modem are very helpful, but they can also be an eyesore. An effective way to hide them without damaging the device is to use light blocking stickers. These are small round stickers that are applied on top of indicator lights on household devices.

There are many variations of these stickers, such as complete light blocking and light muting.

Spiral Cable Wraps

If you can’t pack the cables into a box or hide them behind something, the next best thing you can do is use spiral cable wraps. These are plastic spirals that wrap around cords to protect them and also give them a discreet appearance.

They come in many different colors and patterns, so you can match them according to your home’s theme.


Planning to redo your walls soon? You can easily hide your modem or router’s cables behind wallpaper. All you have to do is use brackets to secure the cable along the wall, then apply the wallpaper over it. Make sure to leave a bit of space between the cables and the wallpaper, just in case you need to cut it later on.


That concludes all my ideas on how to hide router and modem without blocking signal. I hope I was able to give you a burst of inspiration to take on a creative approach to covering household devices. There’s no right or wrong way to go about these ideas, so just do whatever you think goes best with the aesthetics of your home.

Make sure you don’t risk overheating the device by putting it in confined spaces with little to no airflow. Cut out holes, choose a cool area, or do anything to prevent heat buildup, and you should be in the clear.

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