How to Move Modem And Router To Another Room?

Nothing can be more annoying than finding a proper Wi-Fi Signal Dead zone in any home. Any connectivity issue can seize your online access. Also, this may interrupt your internet-based jobs. The best way to get rid of such problems is to set up the router in such a place that can ensure an optimal network.

Though changing the position of the router and modem can fix your internet signal problems. Yet, the work must be done to execute a flawless transfer of the devices. If you are worried about how to move modem and router to another room, then this article can make your job easier.

By moving your router and modem setup, you can make a huge difference, strengthening your internet coverage and speed. In this case, by following some simple steps, you can also move your router to another room without spending money on any technician.

Why should we move the router?

You may often notice the weakness of Wi-Fi signals in certain places of your house. Sudden disconnection from the internet is another problem that may cause disturbance in your online activities. These types of silly problems happen because of the lack of the best router and good internet network. There must be any way to solve such issues. But what are those?

Moving your Wi-Fi router and modem to a definite house where it can supply overall internet coverage can solve your problem.

Can I move my Router and Modem to another room?

The answer is, yes, you can move your Router and Modem to another room.

Let’s check out some of the major issues that may result in moving the router and modem:

  1. When it comes to a shortage of internet coverage, moving router and modem is essential. The signal propagation of the router takes place in a waveform and requires adequate space to transmit the signal.
  2. If the router is set in a small room or at a corner, you cannot access the internet connection all over your house. So, you have to move your router to a large room or at the center of your house. It helps you to get an optimal network from every corner of the house.
  3. When you need to renovate your room or shift your devices like desktop, printer, etc., that need fast internet speed every time, moving your router and modem is a must.
  4. If you are obsessed with heavy online tasking, your desktop and router must be in the same room. In this case, you may have to change the position of your modem set to maintain a good internet connection.

If you want flawless and long-range access to the internet from your broadband internet, moving your router and modem is the best option.

Steps to move the router:

When it comes to relocating your router and modem, most of us prefer calling an expert or technician. But this job can be done easily by following some simple steps. I have summed up step-by-step directions to teach you how to move the modem to another room successfully.

1. Remembering the Installation of cables:

The broadband type modem and router setup are based on cables. In this case, the router and modem are connected with specific ports and cables in a definite way. Familiarizing with the cable setup is essential before disconnecting the modem from the router.

You can either take a photo to memorize the connection or contact your internet supplier if you can’t operate your router.

2. Arranging a new route:

This step must be done carefully to save a lot of time and to avoid many difficulties. Before disconnecting cables and modem from the router, the new route for the cables must be fixed. It includes visualizing all the possible cable lines to the desired room and the proper installation of cables.

The cable must be carried higher from the ground to eliminate chances of water contact or any damage. In this case, plastic channels may ensure a perfect route for cables. Apart from this, extra cables should be arranged if you want to move your router to a distant room in your house.

3. Shut down the Modem and Router

Once you have planned the perfect route for cables, now it’s time to turn off the devices. You can find a power button (black or red-colored) at the back of your modem and router. Push it once, and you can notice all the lights stopped blinking.

When the devices are turned off, you can safely disconnect the cables and broadband line as well. The antennas can be separated to protect them from any damage while transferring them to a different place.

4. Relocating and Installation of Cables

Take all cables and pass them one by one through the cable organizer to the desired room. Perfect alignment of the cables must be ensured to avoid knots or compression between them. A stand can be attached for holding the router and modem to install the cables properly. It will increase the grip and firmness of cables for a long time.

5. Reconnecting the Modem and Router

After bringing cables to the desired room, place the modem and router on the stand. The placement of the internet setup must be done near a socket for easy power supply. Then connect the modem with the router and install the ethernet section properly on the left-most part by checking the cables.

When the cable input is done, plug in the modem and router to the power socket and turn them on. After staring at the devices, check on the signal transmission and lights that indicate broadband access.

Following these simple steps, you can properly move your router from one place to another yourself without any difficulties. If sudden issues arise, try to contact a broadband supplier for advanced guidance.

Things to be kept in mind

Although you have successfully transferred your modem and router set to a different room, certain things must be kept in mind. This would lessen the possible chances of confronting problems later on.

  1. Sometimes the internet may not be connected as instructed due to lack of awareness which causes interruption when you go online. So, it would help if you double-checked the connection before starting your router.
  2. The router should be placed at the center of the house to get proper network coverage. In this case, change the position of the antennas slowly and check which pattern speeds up your internet connection.
  3. If you face difficulty in receiving input from the router, check on the modem whether the GLOBE icon is blinking or not. You can easily solve such problems by troubleshooting your modem and router to get online using a local network.
  4. All devices related to the internet connection must be kept away from direct exposure to water or sunlight to increase their durability.

What if you can’t move the router to another room?

Due to various reasons such as fewer networks and dead zones, one can’t move the router to another place. If that is your case, I have come up with the best alternative tips that one can easily use and make a real difference in WiFi signal strength. 

  • Place your router in the middle of the house

If you are facing dead zones in the house even after having WiFi in your home, then the router’s position is the issue. Remember, while placing the router, ensure its signal strengths cover all the zones, including dead areas. 

So, placing it in the middle of the house can be a perfect move. In this way, its signal goes around the corners, and you will enjoy equal coverage. Also, it would help if you thought dimensions of the house. For instance, if your house is a three-story building, placing a router on the second floor is best to catch the signals.

  • Place router in the open

How many of you think placing the router in hidden places is the best? A lot! But do you know a hidden place is the worst for signals? However, it puts more barriers to its signal and works bad one for the users. For your clarification, let’s consider an example. 

Suppose you are driving a car through the tunnel, and there will be no music if you play the FM radio. At that point, signals are lost because you are surrounded by blocks that cannot send signals. Therefore, to enjoy full internet coverage, place the router to catch the maximum signal and provide the best output. 

  • Moving the router would not help

Probably you would be surprised to know moving router tricks often work for people. But how long? It might work for some areas but not for dead zones. It will work for a couple of minutes. Thus, it is best to look for the best solution, such as TP-Link, that actually fills the dead zones with robust signals, and you would enjoy the best WiFi speed.  

Move your router like an experiment, but don’t consider it as a full-proof plan. Make sure your ultimate goal is to power the signals, so do it exactly with TP-Link. 

  • Avoid placing the router near the neighbor

Placing your router near the neighbors like a microwave, oven, or other electrical appliances might affect the quality of the signal. For instance, if you think placing a router on the microwave then is a bad idea. 

Search for a new place that doesn’t interfere with your network and makes your frequency better. To resolve this placing issue, why not use TP-Link or other wireless WiFi extenders? This will solve your problem without making yourself in trouble. 

  • Use mesh system

A Mesh system is a perfect solution nowadays to add more internet coverage to your home without any more compromises.  

The mesh system includes a router and nodes that encourage the functionality of the internet. These nodes offer the best speed, transfer data, and boost signal strength. In addition, they work to catch signals wherever your router is. 

Sum up:

Moving the router and modem is not an easy task to do. But by following the above directions and guidelines, you can safely transfer the whole internet setup to any place in your house.

Try to keep your modem away from the window as it transfers maximum signal outside your house. It may result in hacking or piracy of your network.

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