How to Update Netgear CM1200 Firmware in 2022?

If you have installed your Netgear CM1200 in a server room and are not getting any internet access, it may be because of outdated firmware. This article will help you update the firmware on your Netgear Nighthawk CM1200 Cable Modem.

How to Update Netgear CM1200 Firmware?

You need a pc (with wireless connection) and the latest version of your Netgear Nighthawk Cm1200 Firmware. Remember to back up files before updating. Step by step update process is given below: [1]

  1. Log in to your admin account through the Netgear web portal (https//
  2. Click on the “i” icon to the right of the Advanced tab.
  3. A message will be displayed on your screen that indicates that the Netgear Genie service is attempting to connect to the server. It could take a few moments to establish a connection.
  4. Click “yes”

Then, a message appears on the screen that indicates the wireless router is currently downloading the firmware version. Once the download is completed, the screen will change with the status of the update. When the firmware update is completed, an error message will appear on the screen advising you that your Netgear router will restart. As the router is rebooted, you’ll lose internet connectivity, and a warning message will appear on your screen.

Then, open your web browser, go to and enter your administrator user name and password. Once you have logged into your account, you won’t get a message that says there is a firmware update accessible for the wireless router or modem. That means your modem has been upgraded.

Is it necessary to upgrade firmware?

Netgear CM1200 and CM1100 cable modems are factory-upgradable devices that can be upgraded via the latest firmware update. A new version of your router software may contain fixes for security vulnerabilities or bugs within web browsers. If you have an older computer with low RAM and a slower processor than your current one, updating the firmware would provide better performance on all types of Internet use, including streaming and downloading files from any website like Skype or social media sites.

Firmware updates require using an update utility or router again (many different models and versions can get confusing to keep up with). This is especially useful if you live in a multi-unit housing complex where all three devices need a firmware upgrade simultaneously.

If your existing wireless adapter, hardwired Ethernet connection, or high-speed modem/router is not functioning properly after upgrading your wireless router’s firmware, then it might have a hardware issue. This is called a “known incompatibility” with your device and can be resolved by re-installing the drivers in one of two ways:

1) Using Windows Update to download new drivers for your wireless adapter, Ethernet cable, or other networking devices connected to the web

2) Downloading the latest driver directly from Netgear’s website. All CoolMOS models released after 1999 (CM1200 CM1600 etc.) use

Where to Find Your Model Number on the modem?

1. Check your modem model number on the back of the modem or in its manual.

2. It is also possible to find it online by typing in “Model Number” into the Google search bar and then clicking on a result that shows up with your Model Number listed as one of the first few results (make sure you are searching for Netgear CM1200).


Updating the Netgear cm1200 firmware is a simple process that should be performed at least once a year. It can help identify potential modem issues and ensure current firmware has been installed.

The process of updating the Netgear cm1200 firmware is not difficult at all. The result should be an internet connection that performs better, lasts longer, and is more reliable.

I hope this article has been helpful to you.

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