Best Routers with more than 4 Ports in 2023 [8 Port Routers]

You may decide to upgrade to a 5GHz router but would like to get more than the standard 4 ethernet ports. You have 6 Lan cables built into the walls of the house, which you want to connect. 

The heck is- your standard router has only four ports. That’s why you look for routers with more than 4 ports. Yeah, you can go for a spider-looking ASUS router, but you are not in the mood to spend $300+. 

Best Routers with more than 4 Ports: 8 Port Routers

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend $300 to get a router with more than the standard 4 ethernet ports. I enlisted two 8-port routers that cost below $250. And the best part is- one of them comes from ASUS. So, let’s check them out. 


1. ASUS RT-AC88U Review

‘Your best choice for games, 4k streaming, and smart homes. Yes, this is what I can say about the ASUS AC3100 Wi-Fi Gaming Router (RT-AC88U). Lag and buffering will not be in your dictionary while gaming online in a heated competition or streaming a live event. 

The NitroQAM™ technology on this RT-AC88U delivers a combined 3167 Mbps Wi-Fi speed. As a result, everyone on your network will enjoy blazing internet speed for smooth streaming and low-latency online gaming. 

Turns out, this router has four built-in antennas to improve both wi-fi range and signal stability. 

Lastly, a simple network controlling system will allow you to operate this router from anywhere. Just install the Intuitive ASUS Router App and control the network with ease. 



You will get a combined 3167 Mbps wi-fi speed because of the NitroQAM™ technology. It ensures everyone on your network gets fast internet speed to enjoy smooth streaming. 

Ethernet Ports

routers with more that 4 ports

Like the TP-Link Wi-Fi Gaming Router, this router from ASUS has eight built-in ethernet ports for extensive connectivity. In other words, this router allows you to connect eight wired dives to the internet throughout this gaming router. 


This ASUS Router is also compatible with mobile devices, computers, laptops, and wired devices. Plus, AiMesh is compatible with this router. 

Design & Set-up

ASUS RT-AC88U Review

Setting up this router is a piece of cake. You can set this router following two different methods, including wired connection and wireless connection. Follow the below steps to set up your wireless router via wired connection.

First off, insert the AC adapter into the DC-In port and plug it into a power outlet. Then, connect your PC to the wireless router’s LAN port using a bundled network cable. Use another cable and connect the modem to the router’s WAN port. Finally, insert the modem’s AC adapter into the DC-In port and plug it into a power outlet. 


  • Expansive connectivity options
  • Smart Connect System automatically chooses the best band available for you
  • Fast data transferring rate


  • Though it has an automatic firmware upgrade, you need to do it manually.
TP-Link Archer C5400X

Whether you look for a small office/home office network, TP-Link Gaming Router delivers the higher network performance you look for. It has 8 powerful external antennas, ensuring all of your devices get continuous wi-fi signals.

Indeed, this router will cover your entire house and boost internet speeds. Therefore, the built-in ethernet ports provide a high-speed connection to your wired devices. 

Nonetheless, you can find the TP-Link po9Gaming Router simple to set up and use. Its intuitive web interface and Tether app make it a breeze to operate the router. 



This router for dorm rooms offers ultimate wireless speed. Based on GHz, the speed you will get may vary. For example, it gives 1000 Mbps internet speed over 2.4 GHz. On the other hand, you will gain 2167 Mbps at 5GHz-1 or 5GHz-2. Indeed, no drops on the connection will occur while watching streaming videos, youtube, surfing the web, gaming, etc. 

Therefore, it supports 802.11 AC, which provides a data transfer rate 3 times faster than 802.11n for each stream. On top of this, A 1.8GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU optimizes the demands of your devices and improves NAT throughput to keep the connection fast and continuous. 

Ethernet Ports

TP-Link Archer C5400X ports

The TP-Link Gaming Router has eight built-in ethernet ports to supply a high-speed internet connection. In other words, you can connect 8 wire devices with the internet at once. 


This router is compatible with every wi-fi-enabled device, including mobile, computer, iPhone, AirPods, Comcast, BLURay player, DirecTV controller, wired printer, and other wired devices.

Design & Set-up

Its intuitive design makes it easy to set up, even on the hardware part.  On top of this, the manufacturer includes a manual guide. Following the assembly guide step by step, you can easily set this router up. Just attach the antennas, plug in the power adapter and ethernet cable, and finally, power it on. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to configure the graphical user interface
  • No drops on the connection while watching videos or surfing the web


  • Lack of more gaming centered features compared to Netgear 

Alternative Option

NETGEAR 8-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch 

TP-Link 16 Port Gigabit Ethernet Network Switch

Wi-Fi Routers – Buying Guide, Ranking, and Reviews

With technological change, people who want to adapt quickly often like to buy first and then find out whether the product is right for them or not. With a Wi-Fi router, if you do not educate yourself very well on the features of this product before acquiring one, then you may choose a model that will not meet your needs. Also, if you don’t agree to make a little investment, then you risk having a low-quality product that you can’t connect with a connected bathroom scale, for example. So to avoid you making the wrong choice, this guide reveals the characteristics of a good Wi-Fi router and also the Best 2 Routers with more than 4 Ethernet Ports.

How to choose a good WiFi router?

A Wifi router allows you to access the Internet from different devices that are compatible with it. This kind of device exists in various models, so that it is often difficult to know how to buy a WiFi router with better value for money. To help you, I offer you this buying guide for the best WiFi routers through which I will explain 3 characteristics: the transmission standard, its control, and network security.

The transmission standard- The wireless router’s radio transmission standard is the first point to check to know in advance at what transfer speed you can work and enjoy your connection on different devices. To buy a good WiFi router and not opt ​​for a model that would not be able to meet your needs, you can follow our advice which begins with the consideration of this characteristic.

These standards may vary between IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3a, IEEE 802.11b, and IEEE 802.11g. The most common transmission standards are IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g. These standards allow connection sharing in good condition and ensure good data transfer from one device to another, in particular the IEEE 802.11g standard. With such a standard, you can connect with a speed of up to 54 Mbits per second.

Nowadays, new standards are becoming more and more common and adapting to the needs of many people. These standards include 802.11n and ADSL 2+. WiFi routers have recently been put on the market that supports such standards, the speed of which can reach up to 1 Gbit per second.

The control- In order to facilitate the control and handling of this device, it is also essential to inform yourself about the configuration of the model for which you are ready to opt. This feature also allows you to know in advance which device best suits your needs and then ask yourself where to buy a new WiFi router.

For a WiFi router that you are going to use to share a connection between devices with different operating systems, the ideal is not to define a single device or a single system for controlling the access point. In this case, with regard to the configuration of the terminal, you will not have to manage it by software specific to an operating system, but through a Web interface.

Network security- To protect yourself from criminals who are content to infiltrate your networks from the outside, you must ensure that the use of your WiFi router is secure. It is only after checking this point that you can focus on the price comparison.

Today, hacking and infiltrating an unsecured network has become child’s play for a large number of criminals. This is why a large number of routers nowadays come with different functions that allow you to be secure from all kinds of dangers related to this hack or infiltration. Among these functions can be mentioned the SPI function, TKIP encryption, AES encryption, or WEP encryption. At least with these functions and encryption standards, the risk is limited.

How to use a Wi-Fi router?

A WiFi router extends the signal and acts as a firewall against unrecognized users of the network. For people not familiar with computers and binary language, it is more than difficult to try to install it yourself and configure it. Below are some tips that you will find most useful.

Choose the right place to install the device- You will have to think carefully about where you will place your Wi-Fi router. It’s not about putting it anywhere. The device must be able to boost and repeat your signal optimally according to the targeted areas. The Asus AC-3100 extends the signal to a great distance.

You will not have to pull your hair out of your head to install it successfully. The intelligent interface guides you through the configuration and selection of additional features.  

Select the Wi-Fi channels to use- Specialists recommend not to cross the flows for the system to work properly. And although several channels can be available at the same time on the same frequency, do not put all the WiFi hotspots on one and the same channel.

Arrange the router with sufficient cable length- If your network cable is long enough to go around the house, all you require is to install a network jack at the point you choose, then a WiFi antenna on the other side, and you have a system ready to use.

Remedy walls that are too thick- If your signal hits more than one obstacle in the house, or the walls, floors, and ceilings are too dense to fix it, switch to power line carriers. For this, you will need a socket connected to the internet box either via an Ethernet cable or via a wireless connection.

Pay attention to small details that compromise the signal- The smallest details can alter the bandwidth impedance and slow down your connection speed without you realizing it. It may, for example, be a junction box in the electrical installation. With a model like the TP-Link AC5400, you won’t have any trouble. You transfer data there at a speed of 1000 Mbit / s.

Reduce the risk of data hacking- To prevent intruders from getting through your firewalls. Stay tuned on the Internet, and at the same time, you will save yourself bugs and unpleasant surprises of all kinds.

A Wi-Fi router optimizes the quality of an online connection. It ensures its stability and allows you to take advantage of network sharing. The most efficient models offer considerable speed to meet the demands of the most complex applications. When acquiring one, this equipment is not selected at random at the risk of investing in the purchase of the wrong product. You must first inform yourself about these items and their characteristics before making a decision. To help you in this quest, this buying guide offers the Best 2 Routers with more than 4 Ethernet Ports, namely TP-Link Archer C5400X and ASUS RT-AC88U.


Both routers from TP-Link and ASUS have 8 ethernet ports to connect eight wired devices at once. The internet speed they provide is blazing fast, and you will not feel any drops in the connection.

So, it’s up to you which one you will get to set in your home.

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