WPS Flashing Red: What does it mean?

Your new router works seamlessly from connecting devices to high-speed backup. Green lights in all panels further solidify the all ok status. But a sudden flash of the WPS light made you frown with wonder about what just happened. 

Visibly everything is working perfectly; no fault is noticeable anywhere. But the WPS flashing red light keeps you worried about whether your router’s security was compromised or not.

Here in the article, I’ll carry forward explaining the potential reason for the flashing red light. Along with that, I’ll propose solutions to counter the red light issue.

What Does WPS Mean on Wifi?

WPS is the abbreviation of “Wifi Protected Setup.” 

Now, what’s wifi protected setup? WPS is a security feature that enhances the previous WPA2 security setting. Here the wifi-protected arrangement ensures no one bumps into your network causally until you are let them in

The protection usually works in 2 ways.

  • Push-Button connection
  • Password-Protected connection

Different manufacturers rely on other ways, but both options are available in recently released routers. 

Why WPS Flashing Red on Your Router or Modem?

So, in simple words, WPS flashing red means the device had failed to connect to the Internet or is awaiting a connection.

Same as the power, internet, and Lan light of a router and modem, there is WPS a light. Different color of light has additional significance in WPS light as well. Ideally, there are three stages.

  • Green: Your router’s WPS is ready to connect with other devices.
  • Amber/Yellow: A device is trying to establish a connection through WPS.
  • Red: A device has failed to establish a connection through WPS. Or there could be a session overlap. 

WPS Light Flashing Red: How to Fix?

You already know the WPS light blinking red indicates a failed pursuit of connection or a session overlap. But simply knowing why this happens won’t solve the entire case. 

There are a lot of times when the WPS light keeps on flashing red. What to do in those situations?

In these cases, there is no need to panic. Everything is fine except for a minor overlap issue or failed connection. Try to reboot your modem or router. And it’ll solve the problem. 

What is WPS Button on Router?

The WPS button has been put into your router to make connectivity more accessible and convenient. By pushing the button, you can enable the device for a WPS connection. This mostly comes in handy for push-button links. 

You push the WPS button on the router, and it gives 2-3 minutes to connect your device. For the push button, you won’t require a password. Just push, enable WPS on the other device and start surfing the internet. 

But the difference arises with the password-protected connection system. Here you get to connect to the wifi only with a password provided by the company. You can get the password underneath the router or at the side of the router. 

Suppose you have lost it, no worries. You can reset and randomly generate a WPS password at any time. 

Why WPS on Modem Flashing Red?

The reason behind WPS on the modem flashing red is pretty much the same. It follows the same light indication pattern as any connectivity device. The red flash means a failed attempt of connection or a session overlap in modems. 

I’ve seen many people online asking, “Why WPS light blinking red on the CenturyLink modem?”. The solution is simple, try rebooting the modem, and everything will be fine. 

What is the difference between WPS and WPA?

WPS and WPA are the two most common Wi-Fi encryption standards. WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup, while WPA is WiFi Protected Access.

WPS uses a push-button combination to set up your router and computer or device connection. It can be complicated to set up if you don’t know what you’re doing, and it’s recommended that you use it only on home networks with less than five devices that need access to the internet.

On the other hand, WPA uses a passphrase for authentication purposes. It also offers better security because it generates strong passwords that are hard to crack. However, there is a downside: setting up a wireless network using WPA takes more time than when using WPS, which could be an issue if you have many devices that need access to the internet at once or in rapid succession.


WPS light flashing red on router or modem is nothing unusual. It can occasionally flash or blink red. You simply restart the device, and you are good to go.

But this happening quite often might lead it to point at other technical issues. We’ll recommend you reach your device’s after-sales support team in those cases. Hopefully, they’ll have a solution for your problem or get you a refund.  

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